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📌 20 de Novembro, 2023

Systemd: Hidden Gems for a Better Linux

Systemd is incredibly versatile and most people, including myself, are unaware of its full potential. Despite its usefulness, it is often overlooked due to controversy and the current state of things when it comes to software development. Begin today your journey thought Systemd’s capabilities and discover how to efficiently manage systems with fewer processes than traditionally required.

📌 26 de Outubro, 2023

Guia do Ungoogled Chromium

O Ungoogled Chromium é o browser que utilizo e recomendo para quem valoriza performance e privacidade acima de tudo. Depois de seguir este artigo a sua navegação na Internet ficará mais rápida, sem anúncios e com maior privacidade. Beneficie da qualidade do Google Chrome sem compromissos.

📌 21 de Outubro, 2023

Debian: ISO Images as APT Repositories

The previous article was about downloading Debian images and packing the entire repository into those. Now, I’ll show you how to configure apt to use ISO images as repositories.

📌 19 de Outubro, 2023

Debian: Notes About ISO Images and Offline Archives

A few notes about what ISO images Debian offers and how to download them. I’ll also provide some useful tips on how to use Jigdo to archive the complete Debian repository into ISO images.

📌 5 de Outubro, 2023

Linux Desktop: A Collective Delusion

Linux has made significant strides, and in 2023, it’s better than ever. However, there are still individuals perpetuating a delusion: that desktop Linux is as user-friendly and productive as its mainstream counterparts. After a few discussions on Lemmy, I believe it’s important to provide a clear review of where Linux falls short as a daily driver for average users.

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