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📌 9 de Abril, 2024

LXD / Incus: Bridged Networking

There are cases where we need LXD / Incus containers to have direct access to the network. In such cases, we want the containers to be assigned an IP address by a router on the network, treating them as individual devices on the network rather than containers inside a host machine that get to the network through NAT.

📌 8 de Abril, 2024

Apply hdparm.conf Without Rebooting

hdparm.conf can be used to store hdparm settings permanently, ensuring they are automatically applied at every boot. However, for testing purposes, rebooting a machine multiple times can be inconvenient. Fortunately, with a simple command, changes made to the file can be applied live without the need for a system reboot.

📌 7 de Abril, 2024

WD Red Power Management with hdparm

Did you get a WD Red drive and you can’t get it to standby or spin down? You aren’t alone and your drive isn’t broken nor it ignores hdparm as some people may think. I’ll show you how to properly set APM (Advanced Power Management) on Western Digital disks and share a few extra tips.

📌 28 de Março, 2024

Midtown Madness 2 on Windows 10

I stumbled upon a game I used to play a long time ago and wanted to experience it again. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t run properly on Windows 10, nor in a Windows XP virtual machine – it would simply lag or crash. Let’s fix it with dgVoodoo2.

📌 27 de Março, 2024

nftables: Country Geo-blocking

For those of us running servers with nftables it was great news to discover that pvxe/nftables-geoip now has the ability to generate IP lists by country. This feature can be used to, for instance, drop all traffic from specific countries or, the opposite – allow traffic only from your own country.

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