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📌 14 de Fevereiro, 2023

Windows: Quickly Disable Lock Screen Password

Today I will show you how to shortcut on Windows that will quickly disables/enables the password prompt on lock screen – the one that shows when, after few minutes of inactivity, we wake up the screen. Such shortcut especially useful if you use a machine that is sometimes exposed to the public.

📌 24 de Novembro, 2022

DD-WRT: Proper DNS With SmartDNS

In this article I’ll show you how to properly setup SmartDNS in DD-WRT. You’ll get advanced DNS caching, faster DNS using multiple resolvers and most importantly encrypted DNS with DoT (DNS over TLS) and DoH (DNS over HTTPS).

📌 18 de Junho, 2022

Raspberry Pi: Stream a Webcam to VLC

In this post you’ll learn how to turn a webcam and a cheap Raspberry Pi into a powerful CCTV setup that allows you to stream video into any VLC compatible device. For this guide I picked a C920 HD camera and a Raspberry Pi 4.

📌 20 de Março, 2022

Os VPN Tomaram a Internet

É uma loucura como os serviços de VPN tomaram a Internet. Se não confiam a vossa informação a um ISP como podem confia-la a um VPN?

📌 20 de Março, 2022

VPN Services Took Over the Internet

It’s insane how VPN services have taken over the internet nowadays. If you don’t trust your ISP with your data, why would you trust a VPN provider?

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