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📌 9 de Abril, 2024

LXD / Incus: Bridged Networking

There are cases where we need LXD / Incus containers to have direct access to the network. In such cases, we want the containers to be assigned an IP address by a router on the network, treating them as individual devices on the network rather than containers inside a host machine that get to the network through NAT.

📌 27 de Março, 2024

nftables: Country Geo-blocking

For those of us running servers with nftables it was great news to discover that pvxe/nftables-geoip now has the ability to generate IP lists by country. This feature can be used to, for instance, drop all traffic from specific countries or, the opposite – allow traffic only from your own country.

📌 25 de Março, 2024

Fetching E-mail Into a Local Server

@Haui@discuss.tchncs.de asked me an interesting question: how could he pull emails from multiple providers such as Gmail and Outlook into his home server? This article assumes you have working experience with Linux and can set up a local Dovecot and Postfix server to handle your e-mail.

📌 24 de Novembro, 2022

DD-WRT: Proper DNS With SmartDNS

In this article I’ll show you how to properly setup SmartDNS in DD-WRT. You’ll get advanced DNS caching, faster DNS using multiple resolvers and most importantly encrypted DNS with DoT (DNS over TLS) and DoH (DNS over HTTPS).

📌 20 de Março, 2022

Os VPN Tomaram a Internet

É uma loucura como os serviços de VPN tomaram a Internet. Se não confiam a vossa informação a um ISP como podem confia-la a um VPN?

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