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ARM / Single Board Computer

📌 30 de Novembro, 2019

NanoPi NEO 2: Overclock

NanoPi NEO 2 is a very cheap (15$) and very good single board computer featuring a 64 bit quad-core ARM CPU. The only drawback one might found is the CPU locked between 816 MHz and 1 GHz. Today I’ll teach your how to safely overclock your NEO 2.

📌 4 de Fevereiro, 2019

NanoPi M4 / RK3399: Network Issues

So you got an amazing ARM SBC with the RK3399 CPU (NanoPi M4 / RockPro64 / Rock Pi 4B), so much power into such small form factor. Now you are trying Apache or other network intensive tasks and your network seems to crash randomly after a while or whenever it is under load? Learn what the cause of this common and how to fix it.

📌 30 de Janeiro, 2019

Armbian: Enable AppArmor

AppArmor allows you to restrict programs’ capabilities with per-program profiles. Profiles can allow capabilities like network access, raw socket access, and the permission to read, write, or execute files on matching paths. Learn how you can enable it in Armbian for a safer SBC.

📌 27 de Janeiro, 2019

Armbian: Get Your LEDs Under Control!

Contrary to popular belief the LEDs flashing in your computer/SBC don’t make it run faster. Controlling LEDs on Armbian is very easy, learn how on this quick guide.

📌 24 de Agosto, 2018

Sheevaplug 2018: Unbrick

Did you manage to get your Sheeveplug bricked? An upgrade went wrong? Is your device completely unresponsive and unusable? This guide covers how you can use openocd and an old version of Sheevaplug’s U-boot in order to unbrick it.

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