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📌 20 de Março, 2022

VPN Services Took Over the Internet

It’s insane how VPN services have taken over the internet nowadays. If you don’t trust your ISP with your data, why would you trust a VPN provider?

📌 1 de Novembro, 2021

NanoPi M4: BMP280 Temperature Sensor

BMP280 is a digital temperate and pressure sensor manufactured by Bosch Sensortec. At the end of this post you’ll be able to read values from it in Python.

📌 26 de Setembro, 2021

NanoPi M4: Python GPIO Tutorial

Recently I published an article explaining how to read and write to your NanoPi M4 or M4V2 digital pins from bash, now I’ll be doing the same from Python with the help of a few libraries.

📌 25 de Setembro, 2021

NanoPi M4: GPIO Tutorial

In this guide you’ll find out how to read and write values to your NanoPi M4 or M4V2 digital pins also known as GPIO. This low level interface allows you to control digital electronic circuits directly from Linux.

📌 1 de Agosto, 2021

DD-WRT: Mount USB Storage Predictably

DD-WRT’s WebUI includes an “Automatic Drive Mount” feature that works just fine until you’ve multiple USB drives. It seems that when the router reboots USB drives get mounted in different/unpredictable paths. At the end of this article you’ll be able to have predictable USB mount points.

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