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13 de Junho, 2020

MacBook ’07 + Linux: Old Dog Learns New Tricks

I was looking for a cheap machine to run backups and weird experimental stuff and then I remember I had an old MacBook 3,1 from 2007 (Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz) in a shelve. In this post I’ll dig deep into useful tricks for anyone looking to use this laptop (or similar) as cli-only Debian server for fun and profit.

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30 de Novembro, 2019

NanoPi NEO 2: Overclock

NanoPi NEO 2 is a very cheap (15$) and very good single board computer featuring a 64 bit quad-core ARM CPU. The only drawback one might found is the CPU locked between 816 MHz and 1 GHz. Today I’ll teach your how to safely overclock your NEO 2.

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19 de Janeiro, 2018

Laravel: Agendamento de Tarefas

Editar o ficheiro crontab do servidor para executar diversas tarefas em PHP é um processo chato especialmente para quem tem menos agilidade na gestão de sistemas ou até um problema de segurança nos casos em que os programadores não devem ter acesso aos servidores. Apresento agora uma solução bastante prática integrada no próprio Laravel chamada Task Scheduling.

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3 de Dezembro, 2017

Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing

Cloud vendors and users alike continue to flock to cloud markets to stake a claim in the growth opportunities, often distorting the capabilities of cloud services and with vendors exaggerating their contributions to the cloud value proposition (cloudwashing).

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12 de Maio, 2017

OMG! Ubuntu Desktop is Dead

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, spoke once again about the future of Ubuntu at this year’s OpenStack Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. He finally admitted that they failed to take Ubuntu mainstream in personal computing so here is my very own uncensored view on the future of Canonical and Ubuntu.

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